Debt Funding

With our expertise & networking, we can arrange debt based funding for your business needs at least cost and time to you. We help decide for you the perfect funding mix to take your business to new heights.

  • Term Loans
  • Working Capital Requirements (CC Limit)
  • Loans against Property & Security

Equity Funding

We provide B2B networking. We maintain a portfolio of investment considerations for our partner Investors. We can act as your bridge to such investors & multiply your business.

  • Seed Capital
  • Private Equity Funding
  • Venture Capital
  • HNI Investors
  • Real Estate Tie-ups


We actively help Companies restructure & realign themselves by enabling operational viability with the help of several industry luminaries.

  • Restructuring of NPAs
  • Corporate Rehabilitation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cash Flow Management
  • MIS
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